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Restaurant Notice

The Jupiter Bay Condominium Association’s on-site Restaurant and Tiki bar are temporarily closed, and we are working with the Master Lease holder, Jupiter Bay Racquet Club, Inc., (JBRC) to get them reopened as soon as possible. The three-month seasonal closing, allowed under terms of the Master Lease, ended in late September, and the restaurant was to reopen on October 1.

When the Restaurant failed to reopen, the Association immediately responded by having our attorney send, on October 4th, a letter to JBRC saying that “It is critical that the restaurant be reopened for its normal operations of lunch and dinner immediately.” The letter also said that the Tiki bar canopy, damaged by Hurricane Irma, was a danger to people and an eyesore and needed to be repaired or replaced by JBRC per provisions of the Lease.

We demanded that JBRC cure the original breaches, listed in our March Complaint, and these additional Master Lease breaches within 15 days from the date of the letter or that “JBRC peacefully surrender possession of the premises to the Association.”

JBRC’s Management Agreement with Jupiter Beach House, LLC, the prior tenant, ended in June when the parties failed to agree on a rent reduction.

In August, Michelle Perrin, now President of JBRC, requested a meeting with the Association to discuss the Restaurant.  At the August 4th meeting, attended by two Board Members, Ms. Perrin told us that she planned to personally reopen the restaurant, partially in late September with full public opening by October 1. This did not happen, and there is little evidence that the Restaurant is being prepared for reopening.

Again, the Association is doing everything possible to resolve this matter and get the restaurant and Tiki bar reopened. We will update you when new information becomes available.

Jupiter Bay Board of Directors