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                                   RESTAURANT NEWS


              Your Board of Directors is pleased to announce that we have signed a new master lease

  contract for the restaurant and tennis club with Kenneth Gibbs and Rachelle Risley, a husband

  and wife team who have outstanding experience in the restaurant business. Their latest restaurant

  endeavor, “The Twisted Tuna” restaurant located in Port Salerno, Florida, has been very successful.


          Plans are underway to open our restaurant here in Jupiter Bay later this year as a new

 “Twisted Tuna” restaurant. “Twisted Tuna” is a registered business name which entails a signature

  name, logo, menu and décor. Although our restaurant will also have the same “Twisted Tuna” name,  

  it will not be a franchise venture.  


        We hope that you are as excited as we are to finally have a restaurant open again on our

  premises! Peter Kurto, Vice President, serving as the leader of this project, was instrumental in making

  this happen, along with the support and hard work of the entire Board of Directors.


      More information with specifics about the restaurant renovations will be forthcoming in the mail to you very soon.

  We are all looking forward to having good times at our restaurant and tiki bar once again!



  Jupiter Bay Condominium Association Board of Directors







Twisted Tuna at Jupiter Bay

Twisted Tuna at Jupiter Bay lakeside

Our previous Beachhouse